Xinhua Credit

Xinhua Credit is a national-level credit information platform that supports the development of social credit system in China.

“Xinhua Credit is a national-level credit information platform developed and operated by CEIS. It is an important drive of Xinhua to fulfill its responsibilities as a member of the Inter-Ministerial Joint Conference on Social Credit System Construction.

It provides credit-rating, consultation, inquiry and publication services for companies, industries, and cities, participates in the credit cooperation project of the Belt and Road initiative and the development of the Asian credit system, and is committed to becoming a participant, builder and promoter of the national social credit system.

Our services

Business Environment Optimization

An integrated business environment assessment and optimization service


benchmarking, problem-orientation, continuous monitoring, and real-time feedback.

Credit support

to help innovate government supervision and service model, build honest government, and improve satisfaction of market participants.

Promoting development via evaluation

to evaluate the regional business environment, highlight the existing problems, and provide countermeasures.

Our strengths

National-level credit information platform