Basic information service

Government Think Tank

This think tank provides news and analysis on government management, social governance, regional development, and issues relating to agriculture, rural areas, and rural residents to governments at all levels, public institutions, and social groups to help them improve governance systems and capacity to deal with emergencies. Its offers include an online comprehensive service system for government information that can be accessed with authorization, the Government Think Tank Report and Information for Senior Executives, as well as tailor-made consulting services. 

Economic Think Tank

This think tank provides news, data and analysis to economic officials and company executives on the macroeconomy, regional development, and specific industries, such as real estate, smart manufacturing, energy, iron and steel, automobiles, health and tourism. Its strategic and forward-looking researches help users with strategic planning and branding, and its periodical Economic Analysis Report is well-received in the industry. 

Monitoring and Analysis of Public Opinion

This team provides monitoring, analysis and management services in the public opinion sector to governments, corporations and public institutions. It helps clients unveil risks, handle crises, and preserve their public profile. The offer includes pre-monitoring, early warning, real-time analysis and response, as well as review and feedback. With the help of big data and AI, the team is able to offer professional public opinion management services to the users.