Xinhua Finance

Xinhua Finance is a national-level financial information platform that safeguards the financial information security in China and facilitates the Internationalization of the renminbi (RMB)

Our customers

  Financial Institutions   Regulators 

CEIS provides banks, insurers, brokers, and funds with financial news, research reports, data, quotes, and trading tools.

CEIS provides governments at central and local levels with news, analysis, data, research, consultation, and other services required for decision-making and administration.

     Colleges and universities   Research organizations

CEIS provides corporations with policy interpretation, economic analysis, data quotation, research, and other services. CEIS provides institutions of learnings with economic and information database for teaching and research.

CEIS provides research institutions with information, data, and research tools.


Our products



Our Services

Financial news 

News Services: 24/7 coverage of exclusive economic and financial news from around the world, including current events and headlines and market news of stocks, fixed income, foreign exchange, futures, etc.

Data Services  

Data Services: comprehensive economic data services for various institutions, including underlying data and market data of macro economy, industries, stocks, fixed income, foreign exchange, futures, etc.

Research Report

 Research Reports: over 1,000 analysis reports every day on key economic issues, market movements, and latest policies as think-tank services for governments at all levels and market players.


Market movements: real-time quotes of foreign exchange, fixed income, stocks, commodities, and other asset classes from China Foreign Exchange Trade Centre, China Central Depository & Clearing Company, and major stock and futures exchanges in China and aboard, including special news on financial indices, evaluation indices and commodity price indices.

Analysis tools

Analytical tools and service: Quantitative analytical tools, credit risk control information, index design, multilingual public opinion services for overseas projects, etc.